The Body Business


Is she just being paranoid? Samantha Newman is about to push send on a whistle blowing email to the FBI. Too drastic? Well, what else should she do when co-worker after co-worker ends up dead or missing, and she's got a sneaking suspicion she’s next? It’s all very complicated and about to get worse, when Agent Drop-dead-gorgeous shows up to help her with the case. 

Carter Chapman may not be an FBI agent, but Samantha Newman doesn’t need to know that. She just has to give him the evidence he wants to take the company down. Problem is, being around her makes him want more than just information.

The Cruella DeVille of 2014:  that’s who author Gay Yellen has expertly re-created as an antagonist in “The Body Business.” She’s one of those characters you just love to hate, and sticks with you long after the story ends. This dynamic villain alone makes the book worth the read. Thankfully, it’s not the only reason to peruse these pages. With a well-constructed plot and fast pace, “The Body Business” doesn’t disappoint. The biggest problem is the steamy sensuality that tempts and teases and builds, only to slam the bedroom door on the actual sex scenes.  That is just plain mean!  So frustrating - but it speaks to the talent of the steamstress.  

Sofia St. Angeles