The Blood of the Viper (A Kate Pomeroy Mystery Book 5)


Since her last adventure, Kate Pomeroy is back on Storm Island with her husband, and she has given birth to a beautiful baby boy. She is working in her clinic and is intrigued when a property on the island is bought, and they have new neighbors. Despite the new neighbors being somewhat elusive, Kate doesn’t think anything is amiss. What she doesn’t know is that there are unseen threats, and her family will have to fight for their lives against the dark forces that once threatened them. The situation also threatens to tear apart her happy family. Will Kate and her family be able to overcome the dangers encroaching upon their quiet life on the island? Or will she lose everything she holds dear to the dark force?

The action starts from the very first page and holds on with a talon-like grip until the very last page. Dynamic characters and gripping suspense make for a fascinating story. The unique and even-paced plot creates a page turner of the highest calibre. There are couple of aspects that may raise questions for some. It should be noted that the story is continued from previous books, so there could be some confusion if this is the first book someone is reading in the series. Aside from this, Linda Watkins has created a one of a kind concept that is a cool story. Given the interesting array of characters and excellent writing, readers will want to start off reading the series from the very beginning.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick