Black Irish


Abbey Wright is twenty-six and living at home in Mount Vernon, Iowa when she receives an email informing her that her children's book is to be published. There is a catch; she must travel to New York to meet the publisher and her illustrator. The tall, dark and handsome Sloan O'Riley is a gifted artist and illustrator who can afford to build walls around himself and those he loves. But when he lays eyes on Abbey he must decide whether or not he can afford to have her in his life.

Tricia Anderson quickly transports her protagonist, Abbey Wright, from a quiet setting in Iowa to the contrasting world of New York City with descriptive finesse. Though the reader may find it difficult to relate to Abbey's naiveté, they will appreciate her less than comfortable surroundings. While Sloan is created to 'Wow' the reader with his alpha-male persona, his shortcomings make him human and believable. This story is a nicely crafted romance but falls slightly short  in the suspense portion for its lack of research and detail that is present in all other areas.  The casual reader should be aware that this volume is part of a series should they want further answers to their questions.   With this in mind, for those who appreciate uber hot alphas in a slightly suspenseful setting this one is worth the read.


Shaunna Gonzales Aka Erin Murdock