Big Jim


James "Big Jim" Peck is an American big game hunter along with his partner, Englishman Caesar Wilde. Their business is Peck and Wilde’s African Safaris, but their clients are few and far between. When one of their clients is killed by a rogue elephant, the business is shut down while the incident is investigated. A witchdoctor is after Big Jim and keeps sending an enormous Cape buffalo after him. The buffalo mutilates and kills several men, while Big Jim continues to seek out the elusive creature to put an end to it.


"Big Jim" takes the reader on a safari where one can feel the heat and smell the dust of the hunt. The story is well written, but the theme is close to that of “The Old Man and the Sea”. Man has a quest against nature and after much effort he prevails. In spite of all the effort he has put forth, there is very little to show for it. The characters are delightful and very well developed.  Each one has their individual idiosyncrasies that make them endearing. The superstitions of the natives add an additional flair to the tale and give an air of mystery to the pursuit. The sound effects also add greatly to the atmosphere of a story set in a foreign land. This is a wonderful tale for anyone who craves adventure.


Belinda Wilson