Beyond Paradise


Cheryl Benson is desperate to escape her drugged-out, abusive boyfriend, Nicky. One night, he starts to attack Cheryl and she stabs him. She runs away but feels guilty, so she returns only to see a mob boss named Frank kill Nicky. She fleas to the only place she believes she might find help, the Beyond Paradise nightclub, where her old friend Eddie works. Seeking help, she finds the co-owner and bad boy Jonny Vallone, and there is an instant connection. Jonny Vallone is a ladies’ man but becomes totally distracted by Cheryl. In the meantime, Frank wants to be rid of Jonny and decides to use Cheryl as bait. He blackmails Cheryl to maintain control. How can Cheryl betray Jonny who has gone out of his way to help her? More importantly, can she betray her heart?

This steamy romance that brings two broken people together is difficult to put down. The pace is unstoppable and filled with chemistry and suspense. The characters have a fiery passion for each other, but that is pretty much it. There is a moment where their past is discussed and a very brief moment where they discuss their love for reading. To really be able to feel for these characters, there needs to be more about the characters and their personalities. It is, however, heartwarming that both of these characters are damaged yet find comfort in each other. Cheryl and Jonny both learn what it is to truly love and how to trust. This is one of those delectable books that a reader can enjoy while taking a bath and drinking a glass of wine.

Amanda Hupe