Betting Blind (Lennox Cooper #2)


Lennox Cooper is a former Portland cop who has reinvented herself as a private investigator. When her Friday night poker game is interrupted by a phone call from parole officer and fellow poker partner, Fulin Chen, Lennox rushes to his side. Days later when Fulin's parolee Matilda Bauer turns up dead, the dirt Matilda had on him makes him suspect number one. When pressure from the police department and the media leads to his arrest, Fulin turns to Lennox for help. Knowing what it's like to lose the career you love, Lennox promises to clear Fulin's name and save him from the same fate. As the two of them work to unravel the mystery of who really killed Matilda and why, secrets are revealed in surprising ways.


“Betting Blind” is an edgy tale that explores themes of healing and redemption, cleverly disguised as a mystery. Ms. Gardner has penned a powerful and emotional thriller featuring well-balanced and believable characters. Lennox Cooper is smart, tough and an excellent poker player to boot. She's also a fiercely loyal friend, and that just makes her downright likeable. Although this book can be read as a standalone, a deeper understanding of Lennox and what makes her tick will come if the series is read in order. While the frequent mentions of Lennox's failings as a police officer may wear thin at times, mystery fans will enjoy this intelligent and thought-provoking story. Gritty, original and suspenseful, “Betting Blind” is certain to leave one wanting more!


Chantel Hardge