Beneath the Surface


Returning home from a foreign country to find your apartment jacked up is never a good sign, although having first-hand knowledge of shady government dealings might have a little something to do with that. But whom can Quinn go to, or trust? Her sister is the only person she has in the world, but she’s not about to jeopardize her life and that of her family. If not her, then who?  


Asher is unplugged. Remote home, top-notch security system, phone turned off—disconnected. So why in the world would his father consider it a grand idea to drop off a skittish little she-devil on his front porch? And not just any troublemaker. It’s Quinn, the sister of his best friend’s girl. Now is not a good time to babysit, especially when it’s someone who makes his blood boil.


“Beneath the Surface” is a freaking breath of fresh air! In today’s world, buying books is a crapshoot. You never know what you’re going to get with a click of a buy button. Thank goodness there are writers out there like Melynda Price. Please, my dear woman, keep writing! The puzzle may be a bit easy to solve, but it matters so little when one is compelled to read on, to shut out the world in order to participate in character’s lives instead of disconnectedly reading about them. This book is worth its price and more!


Sofia St. Angeles