Beneath Deception: An Unbreakable Series


Xavier London and Tessa Sands have met under the false pretense that they are seeking to find truth. Well, at least Tessa is — Xavier is trying to keep it hidden.  Xavier discovers the truth for Tessa, and is determined to set her free from the cruelty of her benefactor, his boss.  His boss is not one to be toyed with. Death is his answer to anyone he has no need for or who crosses him.  The mystery that surrounds Xavier will either draw Tessa in or have her walk away.

The world that Xavier has created for himself is one that suits his needs, all of his needs, which is why when the story begins to change it is hard to understand why Xavier is seeking to change his life.  The hot, protective relationship he develops with Tessa is beautifully shown to the reader.  Tessa’s character is an instant connection, so as her story unfolds readers will want to protect her right along with Xavier. The other characters play a role, but then there are characters that come in and one may not understand what connection they have to Xavier or Tessa.  The mystery of the story is incredible, yet most of it is left unanswered, leading to the depth and connection to the characters to fall flat because one doesn’t understand it — as though it’s missing a whole chunk of the story.  This story also has a cliffhanger ending.  Be prepared to read the next installment that will hopefully provide answers to all the questions this one raises and find out if Xavier and Tessa both discovered the truth in order to be together.

Laura Dinsdale