Behind a Moonlit Veil


HISTORICAL/GOTHIC:  Everyone knows the tale of Jack the Ripper, yet no one knows who he really was. Jackson Moreland, former detective for the Scotland Yard, is especially disturbed and haunted by this string of murders as his beautiful wife was murdered in a similar manner on their honeymoon. After spending some time in a mental institution, he is determined to stay one close step behind whoever is committing these heinous crimes. Amaris Maxwell has lived her whole life in what feels like a cage, as her doctor father is strict due to her multitudes of ailments. When Jackson comes into her life, she begins to question everything she knows. As they fall deeper in love, the multitudes of secrets around them grow. 

Combining fiction with legend, one will not be able to get enough of this thrilling novel by Tabetha Waite! The reader will love her spin on the classic tale of Jack the Ripper while she introduces some memorable characters. Jackson’s struggle after seeing his newlywed wife butchered in a manner similar to the Ripper’s victims is heart wrenching, and one will be pleased to see Amaris heal his severely broken heart. The disturbing treatments that Amaris is subjected to are extremely distressing, and many readers may feel troubled after reading what is considered blatant sexual assault. However, the mystery that Ms. Waite builds continuously throughout the pages will keep the reader engrossed despite the distressing scenes. Fans of the legendary Jack the Ripper tales will love this fictitious adaptation of the famous narrative!

Jen Griffin