Beginner’s Luck (O’Briens)


Eoin O’Brien has made his dream of becoming a detective come true. But the Irish clans' long-held tradition of the oldest son running the family business overshadows a success his father cannot support. When his estranged wife of three years reappears on his very first assignment as a detective, Eoin believes it’s fate. Vivian O’Brien thought she was over Eoin, until he walked into her gallery-turned-crime scene.  Now the old Eoin has returned full force to protect his wife from some mysterious crimes aimed at her. Can they overcome the challenges that led to their separation or will long-held traditions keep them apart? 


Present day New York, an Irish born detective and a need to succeed in America paves the way for this original love story.  Readers will find this plot twist refreshing as Eoin and Vivian work to repair their marriage and find common ground.  Hunky Eoin struggles with the age-old battle of following paths wished by parents for their children.  Vivian is coming full circle in finding her own way but readers may find her exit years before a little light on details.  Additionally, readers may be confused regarding the timing of their reunion during Vivian’s recovery from an incident.  Is it days or weeks?  Light editing is needed to repair missing adjectives, pronouns and quotation marks.  Side characters’ relationships will no doubt lead to spicy future installments.


Jordyn Teel