Becker Circle 



Gillian is making a new start in Texas. Leaving her abusive boyfriend behind, she gets a job in a bar in Becker Circle in order to meet new people and help pay the bills until she passes her CPA exams. A new life means new rules; rules she’s making up as she goes along. A murder and a potential new love complicate matters for Gillian. Hopefully she can manage to avoid being the next casualty in Becker Circle.

“Becker Circle” is presented as a first-person narrative in which Gillian is telling the reader the story in real time. This technique allows the reader to develop a nice sense of intimacy with Gillian. Ms. Brae introduces a myriad of characters in “Becker Circle” and as a result, character development takes a back seat to action. At times, character motivation and place within the overall narrative are unclear and as a result the story arc lacks focus. There is not enough space within the novel for development of secondary characters, and as a result their ultimate fate within the story doesn’t have enough emotional impact. However, Gillian is a well-rounded character and readers will appreciate her witty and humorous insights as the story progresses. One can’t help but root for Gillian as she navigates her new environment. “Becker Circle” is a great debut novel and readers can look forward to more from Ms. Brae.

Gwenellen Tarbet