Barefoot Bay: Wild on the Rocks

Kiersten Hallie

Quinn Forrester never stayed in one place too long... until she met Lieutenant Jasper McQueen, Navy Seal. In a whirlwind, heart-grabbing romance, Quinn found herself married to the man of her dreams - until it ended, and he let her leave.  A year later, he is still the man she will never get over or forget.  But while working as a mixologist, she stumbles on a murder and the one man who could protect her is the one she cannot call.  The only thing she can do is run - and hide.

Jasper has never forgotten, nor forgiven the woman he married - the one who left him with no explanation.  So when helping a friend with security at a high-end wedding, he sees Quinn working the same event, he decides it’s pay-back time.  He’ll enjoy the flaming heat she ignites then leave her just like she did him.   Revenge seems easy until Quinn’s secrets catch up and Jasper realizes he can’t let her go again.

In a sizzling hot, burn-the-pages romance, this story grabs the reader from page one!  The chemistry between the characters is palpable as they struggle to understand the past and forge a future - whether together or separate.  Even though the sex scenes dominate the book, the story is still strong and pushes the plot forward.  The crass language, while understandable in some circumstances, does get overused and stops the flow of the story. Still, if one likes a steaming hot, yet slightly gritty love story, this one is top-notch! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter