Bad Press

Evie Hartley is bored. Her small-town journalism job is going nowhere until she jumps at a chance to cover the crime beat. Evie starts poking around in hopes of quickly proving herself and getting in good with the local detectives. When that doesn’t quite work as planned, Evie attempts to wear down her best chance at a connection with the cops. Needless to say, Detective Marcus “Penn” Pennington is less than amused by her stalker behavior. Upon solving a small case, Evie earns a little trust with Penn who allows her to asks questions about a cold case, but he still keeps her at arm’s length. Penn quickly find himself protecting the very woman who is driving him crazy. Evie’s undying persistence draws her into danger with the nagging feeling that she is also being drawn closer to Penn.
“Bad Press” is a fun mystery! The laugh-out-loud moments of Evie’s determined personality at first seem a tad pushy, however, as the story unfolds with both mysteries, what seems to be pushy pays off. Her comical way of realizing she has gone too far makes her a fantastic lead character and a lot of fun to spend time with. Penn’s personality is well-matched with Evie’s. They are different in the right way, making them perfect for a hopeful romance. He is well-written as a quiet, yet kind romantic interest. The overall flow and hilarious scenes with Evie and Penn may make readers wish for another story with them in the future. Rachel Mucha knocked “Bad Press” out of the park with mystery, romance, and death threats! What’s not to like?
Moira Wolf