Autumn Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology)

Heather Horrocks, Stephanie Black, Heather B. Moore
Sarah M. Eden, Rachelle J. Christensen

In the anthology ”August Collection”  the variety of stories gives the reader something different to look forward to in each one. They are all romances but with a different twist to each story. 


Heather Horrocks’ “A Hound Dog Named Elvis” is a charming second-chance love story starring a missing daschund named after the King of Rock and Roll.  


Stephanie Black’s thrilling novella, “Eye for an Eye”, has the heroine falsely accused of a crime, and a hero who might not be all that he seems.  


Sarah M. Eden’s “Letter for Two” spins a cozy mystery involving next-door neighbours who find a mysterious letter from 1953 - will all the time spent researching its origins lead to more than just mailbox banter?  


Annette Lyon’s “Chocolate Obsessed” and Heather B. Moore’s “First Heist” evolve into intriguing suspense stories. 


Rachelle J. Christensen’s “Silver Cascade Secrets” takes the reader from a romance to a riveting murder mystery. 


Each of these novellas are filled with interesting and believable characters that set the stage for their unique story-lines. There doesn’t seem to be a common thread running through the six novellas, which actually adds to the reader’s enjoyment.  One can enjoy   a romance,  followed by a mystery, etc. adding a very nice touch of variety not always found in anthologies. This collection also allows the reader a glimpse into each author’s writing style and leaves the reader eager to read more of their work!


Rose Mary Espinoza