Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

The Unexpected Hostage

Tess Bennett lost her fiancé, Kyle MacTavish, in a terrible car accident a year ago. Still drowning in grief, she throws herself into work. Called to an international conference in place of her boss, David Kingsley, she finds herself thrust into the hands of dangerous cyber terrorists – along with Dr. Mark Nygaard – after watching her mentor, Riku, shot down next to her.

Every Silent Thing

Triplets Claire, Megan, and Boyd, are adopted and raised by the Deveraux’s, Sidney and Annika. Claire is deaf but working hard in the U.S. Embassy in Paris, and witnesses the murder of a woman in the Louvre while receiving a flash drive and strange set of code words, L’homme Champagne Trois.

Savage Cove

US Army Night Stalker pilot, Erin "Xena" Savage, returns home to Wisconsin to deal with her parents death, grieving teenage brother, and family business, Savage Cove. The last person she wants to see is the misogynistic jerk she once shared a mind-blowing one-night stand with.

Micki Press is a young woman trying to make it big in one of the most well-known Chicago law firms. She does everything by the book; however, Micki’s world is anything but easy.  Micki thinks her ex-lover is out of the picture, but she realizes he is back when she gets weird text messages and phone calls from him.

HISTORICAL: Warren “Chief” Smith knows the sea better than most. His ship, The Folly, is in his command, and when Elizabeth “Betty” Devereaux comes on board to help navigate, Chief can’t help but fall for the attractive and brave nurse. She has a mission of her own, and a secret that she cannot share with anyone.