Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Whiskey Gifts

Josie is running on empty; the flu has hit her staff hard, and she is running to keep up with the steady flow of bar patrons. The holiday hub-bub that is drawing a steady dining crew is almost too much. While out back dumping the trash, Josie discovers a young girl, who looks like a runaway. The Wisconsin winter is upon them, and Josie is concerned the girl will freeze.

Deadly Betrayal

The last thing Cassie wanted was to move back to the Gulf Shores of Mississippi and start over. Her marriage has failed, and the numerous times she was passed over for an FBI field agent position is enough to know its not happening. Upon her return, she’s set to begin a new job with a local Ma and Pa private investigating team. She will show up her first day, just so she can quit.

Serial murders draw Special Agent Noah Danes to the Philadelphia area from D.C.  His work with the FBI had him in the area previously while working another homicide. He got to know Sadie Potter during that previous case, and now he runs into her again while working on the current Beltway Romeo murder investigation.

The Other Murder
Kevin G.

A scream is heard in the darkness, followed by a gunshot. A girl’s body is discovered, and then another gunshot breaks the silence. The girl is Angelica Monroe, a sophomore at NYU. Her purse contains a large baggie of weed, and $500.00.  Shortly thereafter, a second body is discovered on the opposite end of Washington Square Park. It is a Hispanic male, Javier Estrada.

Four years ago, Jack Slaughter’s family was decimated. His child and the family dog were, pardon the pun, slaughtered in his kitchen; and his wife vanished – then he killed a cannibalistic serial killer in his living room. Now a man commits suicide in Jack's abandoned home. Oh yeah, his confidante, Father Nick, has passed.