Atonement (McIntyre County Series Book 1)


Nicolette River had much to make up for from her time as a Marine Sniper. All justified kills, but still, each completed mission took its toll on her soul. Needing to make amends (and hopefully, to heal), she decides taking a position as a deputy in a sleepy town in McIntyre County, Iowa is the perfect solution. Little crime, and as a result, little chance of suffering through PTSD flare-ups, until a series of unsolved deaths made to appear like suicides rocks the formerly quiet town. A detective from a neighboring town, Con O'Hanlon, backs up her investigation. As they grow closer to finding the killer, Nic finds herself the next target. Will Con be able to put the final pieces together in order to save the woman he loves or will her chance at atoning slip through her grasp?

Nic Rivers is a dynamic character with many layers. As a female, wounded warrior suffering in silence, PTSD gets a new face. Her struggles are no less trying or debilitating than those of her male counterparts, but the fresh look at mental illness is important. Her many layers included other vulnerabilities that make her a uniquely real and flawed woman while weaving them successfully into a gripping plotline that kept the heroine strong while leaning on the man of her dreams occasionally.  To have such a girl-power-driven novel, rooting for her happily ever after with Con was as natural as the changing of the seasons. Great read! Waiting for more. 

Amy Willis