The Assassin’s Kiss

J. A.

Nate Taylor is an assassin…a minor detail he never told his estranged wife, Julia. Now Julia is ready to remarry, and she wants to throttle Nate in the worst way because he won’t sign their annulment papers. When Julia shows up unannounced on his houseboat, they are suddenly attacked by assassins. Nate believes Julia is the target and, doing what he does best, he protects her by taking her to his hometown of Gibsonton. He must find out who is behind the attacks and if it has anything to do with the man that Julia plans to marry. From the Everglades of Florida, to a cozy cabin in the woods, Julia will see a side of Nate that she has never seen before. Will they survive the assassins attempts, and the chemistry between them?


What a unique backdrop for a story! With a circus town called Gibsonton, the characters are eclectic and interesting. Nate is the protective alpha bad boy, sexy and hot. Julia is strong, determined and can fend for herself. Together their chemistry is off the charts! This story has it all, intrigue, mystery, unexpected twists and turns, great side characters, and a villain that isn’t easily to determine until it smacks the reader in the face. The ending between Nate and Julia is a bit predictable but still worth the read. This story is a page turner and one that isn’t easily set aside until the last word is devoured!


Lynne Bryant