Ashes Ashes (Hostage Negotiation Team #2)

Julie Coulter

While making dinner, Sophia Naziri attracts the attention of Colby Black, a member of a hostage negotiation team, with a fiery faux pas. Since Colby settles a stressful day with cooking and cleaning it appears this may be a match made in “Hell’s Kitchen” or heaven. Sophia is sending mixed signals, and a cop like Colby likes a mystery. What does a modern day man do to find out a little more about his stand-offish but pretty new neighbor? Brings over takeout and has a picnic on the porch of course, then offers to help clean her blackened kitchen. 

Ms. Bellon penned Ashes Ashes with all things loved by suspense readers: murder, the heroine wrongly accused, international seedy characters, missing loved one, diamonds, a bag full of money, and a hero that most girls would love to have next door and come to their rescue. The plot is not edgy but instead comfortable and keeps a good pace. The characters are enjoyable but not deep. A well-written thriller with romantic elements threaded throughout keeps the reader cheering the hero on to save the day. The final scenes task hero and heroine to conquer their fears and stretch their boundaries. The pant-o-meter isn’t boiling, but there’s a sweet smell in the air like fresh baked cinnamon buns.


Natasza Waters