The Artist's Love (The Artist's Touch Book 2)

S. H.

Rissa Daniels and Spencer St. George want to have a normal relationship - but their families want to keep them apart and they are targeted by a madman. Rissa and Spencer are on a mission to figure out what their families are hiding. They know that until the secrets are brought to light they will never be able to have an ordinary relationship. While searching for answers, Spencer deals with the loss of his most prized pupil and Rissa meets a man that holds the key to unlocking all of their families’ secrets. Will Spencer and Rissa be able to mend the fences between families? Or will they succumb to the madman’s master plan?

S. H. Pratt has continued the story of Rissa Daniels and Spencer St. George in “The Artist’ Love (The Artist’s Touch Book 2)”. As the second book in the series it lends itself to answering questions from the first book and for the most part, it does not disappoint. It is a unique story that takes the reader on a journey not experienced before. The characters are well thought out and are relatable. Although the plot is interesting, there are several places in the book that are encumbered by information that is not needed or is overly wordy. Ms. Pratt takes her time “showing” readers exactly how and what is happening in the book, but some may find the ending less than satisfying. Readers are usually extraordinarily forgiving and will enjoy “The Artist’ Love” if only for the characters and the intricately woven plot. 

Mary-Nancy Smith