The Art Appraiser and the Lawman



Abby Devry is a beautiful and intelligent young woman with a dream job as an art dealer in Fort Worth,Texas. Her life is going according to schedule, except that she has yet to feel a real connection with a special someone. Enter Roark Espinoza, a handsome State Trooper who knows what he wants. What he wants is Abby Devry—has from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Thrown together by chance, Abby worries that her lack of experience will put her at a disadvantage with the supremely confident Roark. When he is accused of murder, she must overcome her misgivings and learn to trust this wonderful man who moves her to her very soul.

“The Art Appraiser and the Lawman” is a nice piece of escapist literature that can be enjoyed on a rainy afternoon. The prose flows nicely, and the dialogue is well written. The characters are, however, woefully one-dimensional. Everything is just very nice in this story. Abby and Roark belong together and as a result there is little emotional investment for the reader. Any conflicts that arise in the plot are easily overcome and it relies on tired romance tropes to propel the story along. The story spends most of its time on lifestyle filler, which is interesting, but not very satisfying for readers looking for more substantial fare. The prose is nicely descriptive and well-structured and edited. Readers looking for a little glamor will be happy with “The Art Appraiser and the Lawman”.

Gwenellen Tarbet