Art of Affection (Love, California Style Book 3)


Recently divorced from her abusive husband, Holly Heartland has finally achieved a successful career as an art gallery curator as well as peace, security, and stability for her young daughter. While lending a neighborly hand during the past year, LAPD detective and single father Gary Sumner has developed a utopian relationship with Holly - not only sharing a nanny for their girls, but parental duties as well. Just when their relationship shifts from companionable to sizzling, unknown threats against Holly emerge, and Gary’s ex-wife reappears with demands threatening to infiltrate and break apart their paradise. But when the ultimate threat arises and their children go missing, can the two face down past betrayals in time to save their children?


A refreshing read that will capture and pull at a reader’s heartstrings! While a successful standalone read is achieved by tying in past character life events, some may feel that these significances are breezed over too casually, leaving one to become distracted with the lives of the secondary characters. Additionally, some readers may be taken aback and question Holly’s choices during the climax. However, great care and articulation is taken in depicting Holly and Gary’s interactions; from co-parenting friends and neighbors, to a blossoming chemistry, and finally through gut-wrenching terror and anguish. Moreover, a reader is gifted with real life romance and struggle, leading to a level of believability. Ms. Butler delivers yet another excellent novel that does a reader's heart justice in providing the perfect happily ever-after ending! 


Stephanie Lodes