Arresting Mason


Mason Harding, a recent parolee, is now living with his brother and nephew until he can get his life back on track.  His parole officer is a hard ass, but Mason jumps through the hoops to stay on the right side of the law. Mia Eddison finds herself drawn to Mason after she almost hit him with her car.  Mason thinks she is a proper woman, until he kisses her and finds a tidal wave of pent up desire.  Mason’s prison past bites him back, when Mia is kidnapped.  Now, with her brother, who just happens to be his parole officer, Mason must save her before it is too late.

Mia and Mason will take the reader for a furious ride of undeniable passion, hot steamy sex, overprotective brothers, kidnapping!  The characters are true to themselves: Mason is foul mouthed and intimidating to be around yet knows how to treat Mia as a lady.  Mia starts out as sweet and caring, but her passionate badass persona soon finds its way out of the bedroom.  The characters switch these personas on and off depending on the situation which becomes distracting and takes away from the depth it is meant to foster.  The conflict between them happens mostly through not communicating or a character holding back, which is frustrating.  It added a twist to the bad boy/sweet girl story in that Mia fights back for Mason, and stays in an empowered woman’s roll. This steam-filled read will heat things up to the century mark! 

Laura Dinsdale