Arresting Jeremiah (Arresting Onyx Book #2)


Jeremiah “Jim” Borden, a troubled parole officer with a decorated past, cannot seem to catch a break - until Calista Barlow, a strong waitress who he’s had flirtatious encounters with for months comes knocking at his door, determined to finally take the first step. As if they didn’t already have enough to worry about, Jim and Calista have to deal with the complications of Jim’s parole life, their past lives continuously revisiting them, a pervert stalker that doesn’t seem to be getting the hint, and a detailed drug cartel stirring up trouble. Imagine all of this, on top of untangling the knots of their sparking romance, while being cautious around Calista’s young daughter Lacey. Will their connection prosper, or will things take a darker turn for their future?

This delicious, spicy romantic-suspense novel will have one’s brain groveling around for any clues as to who the next culprit to pop up in the lives of these indestructible characters will be. Although the reader is kept on their toes with the suspense and sexual teasing, the storyline occasionally goes off track with scenes that overwhelm one, due to the hastiness of this sudden romance. Regardless, there’s absolutely no sense of the overdone “damsel in distress” in this novel, only a stimulating and sexy connection between two powerful protagonists, working hard to manage both their complicated lives together. At times, the plot tends to get a bit tedious, not keeping the reader as connected to the story as they should be. The author’s immaculate details of every conflict and character does remain enchanting through the rest. Prepare to be reeled into this brilliant storyline!

Austen Grace