Angel in the Shadows


The saying “in the wrong place, at the wrong time” is a fact for Madison Sinclair. Taking her BFF’s place to photograph a charity event for well-known billionaire Vance Goldston couldn’t have been a bigger mistake. Vance isn’t what he seems. He is evil personified and Madison witnesses this first hand. After losing his “plaything”, he sets his sights on Madison to be his new toy. 


Seth Reynolds is an employee of Vance Goldstone’s, but he isn’t what he seems, he’s so much more…. It’s his job to protect the world against people like Vance, but at what cost? After meeting Madison, his world and hers are in a race against time, and all about survival. Does he risk the world to save the one who has his heart, or does he sacrifice the one for the many? 


WOW! Talk about intriguing and intense! Ms. Deason has an amazing grasp on the genre “suspense/thriller”. This book is chock full of twists and turns, leaving one in a free fall with no net. The sexual tension between Maddie and Seth is off the charts, though at times a bit hard to swallow. There are a few graphic scenes with the villain that will make one cringe…which is the sign of a whacked-out psychopath. The ending while positive, is a bit unfulfilling. “Angel in the Shadows” is a gut-wrenching, thrilling emotional ride that will have one turning page after page, while sitting on the edge of one’s seat!


Lynne Bryant