Angel Falls

Tess Thompson

Magdalena and her great-grandmother, Bella, own land in New Mexico. Things are not going well with the business, and they are struggling to stay afloat. It also doesn’t help that Magdalena’s ex-husband will stop at nothing to get the land from her. Everything changes when Russell stumbles upon their land. Bella is a talented tarot-reader and psychic and believes that they can trust him. He only means to stay one night but he becomes attached to Bella and especially, Magdalena. The only problem is that Russell is mysterious and tight-lipped about his past. Magdalena trusts him, but is desperate for him to open up to her. She will soon regret the wish as his past comes flying at them in full force. In order to survive, they need to stick together, but can Magdalena trust Russell? 

This is an emotional suspense novel with a hint of mysticism! The story is broken up into two parts, one that deals with Magdalena’s hardships with her property and ex-husband and the other with Russell’s past. This format leaves the story feeling blocky and really slowing down the pace. The pieces just seem to come together and are too easily resolved. However, the characters are delightful. Bella is definitely a favorite as she brings her wisdom, mysticism, and humor to the story. Unfortunately, the dialogue is extremely awkward. It feels as if the characters jump to conclusions and don’t react in a way that the average person would. This results in more than a few cringeworthy moments, although the ending is utterly fantastic. Readers will not want to give up on the story and miss a fantastic twist!

Amanda Hupe