And the Heavens Wept (The Swann Saga, Book 3)

J. Troy
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Utah’s Altinoma Valley seems to be cursed or at least haunted. The Swann and Harding families have moved to Colorado in the hope that the curses of the valley have been left behind. Then their world is turned upside down when Steve and Maria Swann are murdered in their own home. Luckily, the Swann’s grown daughter, Renee and teenage son, Michael are away from home at the time of the murders.
Thus begins an eerie tale of twisted lives and revenge. Renee is reminded of a childhood in the Altinoma Valley that comes back to haunt her. Aaron Hanson is after Renee, who he believes is the reason for the death of his best friend and fellow trouble maker Donnie Andrews. When Renee’s friend and recent lover, Jack is murdered in her home, Renee’s friends fear there is a connection between these murders and the havoc wrecked on their lives when they lived in the valley and decide to investigate.
 The author conjures up the Altinoma Valley in a way that is unsettling and frightening. The reader wants to get the characters out of there as soon as possible. It seems like every character has some kind of past experience that has marred their current lives. It became tedious trying to untangle all of the many horrid experiences from all the characters past while following the current plot.  Seate effectively portrays the perpetrators as loathsome and twisted and as a thriller, it assuredly hits the mark. This nail-biting ride is definitely not for the faint of heart!
Rose Mary Espinoza