The Analyst: The D’Azzo Family Book 2

Nancy C.

SUPERNATURAL:  FBI analyst Tessa D’Azzo is investigating the brutal murder of her father, Joe. She is also looking for clues why his murdered partner, Officer Oliver Gates, became a ruthless monster before his death. After an altercation with Dion Tate, who attacked Tessa in her office while searching for a computer file, Captain Eric Logan and Tessa begin finding pieces of the puzzle. They learn of gang leader, Marcus Jacko, and his ties to Officer Gates. Jacko is running gangs within a fifty-mile radius, but someone called Judge has handed him his power. No one knows the identity of Judge, a Shadow Man, responsible for several deaths, perhaps even her father’s. Joe kept personal journals his entire police career. Tessa wonders if the reason for his murder lies somewhere within their pages. Eric barely tolerates Tessa, and he rubs her the wrong way. But the two will have to work closely together to solve the biggest and most personal case of their careers.

“The Analyst” draws one into the workings of the eidetic mind of Tessa D’Azzo, a strong and complex character. Captain Eric Logan is the strong, silent type and multifaceted. The supporting characters possess great wisdom in their fields and go far in assisting both Eric and Tessa. The story is convoluted and difficult to follow, even after a second reading. An abrupt ending with several unresolved issues leaves the reader hanging and unsatisfied. This is a standalone novel, but would be easier to understand if the series is read in order. Several macabre twists in this tale keep readers on their toes. “The Analyst” is an interesting suspense story.

Belinda Wilson