Ain't Misbehavin': Vancouver Blues Series, Book 2


In the sleepy dockside community of Vancouver, Maggy Malone is torn between two men.  How can she choose between them: the man she feels safe with or the man she knows sparks flames every time they meet?  Multiple events, and bodies, start stacking up after a young alderman is murdered in the same restaurant where Maggy is having dinner.  She can recall details about all but one of the patrons at that night’s dinner, and that lapse in memory is critical.  Can the resident legendary ghost of Tuscan Trattoria save her life?  Which man will win her heart - Logan, Hunter or the killer who prays for her heart to stop?

This is an original, steamy glimpse of Canadian life anchored around a romantic suspense which is the second installment of the Vancouver Blues Series.  Bar manager/singer Maggy Malone is a complex character with conflicting feelings, especially given her failed marriage.  Maggy’s relationship issues are confusing to her, the men in her life, and translates as such to readers.  There are elements in this installment that rely heavily on the first book.  While it is clear that she is involved in a bar, it is less clear that she works for a dentist as well.  This installation is littered with several editing issues such as missing punctuation, words with missing or additional letters, and run-on-words that should be separated.  While this story is slated as suspense, the author portrays the killer’s intentions and movement, which leaves little to the imagination.  The resounding happily-ever-after is bittersweet and leaves room for more mysteries in Maggy’s life.

Jordyn Teel