After the Goode (A Jake Roberts Novel)

Cary Allen

Bobby Goode is riding high.  His comedy act is smokin’ and hes got the world by the tail.  But when a heckler comes after Bobby for revenge, Bobby loses it!  He kills the guy and torches his car.  But can he keep this deep dark secret?  He must continue to perform like nothings wrong, except his whole world is crashing down.  

Enter Jake Roberts, police detective turned author.  Hes in town with his girlfriend for some R and R, never thinking he'll get drawn into a murder investigation.  And then theres Wynter Williams, accomplished female detective, but feeling like there must be more to life than just police work.  When she meets Bobby and they hit it off, she begins to think that this is the change shes been looking for.  Bobby thinks he can keep his secret and keep tabs on the investigation, as he befriends Jake and romances Wyn, while casually inquiring about their progress.  No one is the wiser, no one is on to him, except

”After the Goodeis a spellbinding murder mystery, which will keep readers on the edge of their seats.  The plot twists and turns, with no clue as to whether or not Bobby will get away with murder!  The dialog is somewhat stiff, and the story line could use more depth.  Other characters could use more development as well.  Goodewill pull the reader into its web, and the unexpected ending will only confirm the old adage, crime doesn't pay.

Victoria Z. Burg