African Heartbeats (Heartbeats Series Book 3)

Temple Emmet

Sharonda and Samuel Nelson have returned to Africa where they have ancestral roots. However, there is another reason for their return. Both work for Homeland Security, and their mission is to thwart a plot by ISIS against a hospital. Working with General “Mac” McKlane’s Homeland Security Team, they have their work cut out for them. They must prevent one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations from acquiring weapons of mass destruction and causing a large number of casualties if the hospital is attacked. Will they be able to stop the plot and save the day?

A high stakes mission in the gorgeous setting in Africa is the perfect remedy for a cold fall night. Throw in a team of highly trained military experts, and it becomes a party. Temple Emmet Williams has a gift when it comes to writing a contemporary romance with military aspects. From his descriptions to the weapons used to the logistics of running a mission, this author knows his stuff. The plot is action-packed, although a little slow in parts, but there is not much time to take a breath before it starts up again. Varied and loveable characters are brought to life and jump off the page, grabbing readers and hauling them into the excitement. A series to go back and read from the beginning and keep an eye on for future installments. “African Heartbeats” is not to be missed!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick