Aegean Intrigue

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 Francie Vasileiou wants to follow in her famous father's footsteps by becoming an archaeologist. She feels connected to life when she digs up the past.  When she is asked to take part in a dig on the Greek Island of Paros, Francie can’t pass it up. Strange things seem to happen on this dig, with items disappearing, and people who seem to be inexperienced. But, the real strange thing to Francie is the attraction she has for the Project Director, Alex Leonidis.
PI Alex Leonidis has taken on a job to discover who is stealing artifacts from the digs around Greece. To find those responsible he will need to go undercover and he finds himself attracted to the one person that his employer suspects is the thief.  Is Francie the thief or a victim? Can Alex dig up the truth, or will it be buried and lost forever in this dangerous game?
Readers will find themselves reading a sweet little story that incorporates mystery, danger and romance in “Aegean Intrigue”.  Just like an archaeological dig, one finds this book a little choppy, but mostly intact and interesting. Some of the history is not quite clear, and relationships  are hidden until the very end. Still, the  intrigue and mystery are intertwined  very well and will pique the interest of  readers as they search with Alex and Francie to discover  the classic “who done it”!
Melody Prat