Acadian Waltz

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Regardless of Nora Kehoe's success in the medical field in New Orleans, she is a failure to her mother Claire, who is pressuring her to marry and provide grandchildren.  Much to Nora's horror she is also beginning to wonder if she will ever meet Mr. Right.  By chance, she meets Dr. John Blessing who not only lives up to the high expectations of her society mother but is proving to be the perfect man for why can't she get Jean Marc Gaspard out of her mind?  Jean Marc is a childhood friend who has returned to the bayou to run his family fishing business but could also be involved in smuggling.  Should she follow her heart and lose it to Jean Marc and his dangerous world or play it safe with Dr. Blessing?


This story begins with rich character backgrounds and old family drama.  The author treats the reader to wonderful descriptions that automatically transport the reader to Louisiana. Then the tensions between Nora and Claire set off the fireworks right away!  The conflict between daughter and disapproving mother with their sarcastic wit is both humorous and entertaining. Jean Marc is the strong silent type, mysterious with a  sense of adventure and a darker side.  The history between he and Nora really plays a part in the sizzling connection between them.  When two characters such as these are this compelling, it sets the wheels in motion for a riveting romance! The story  takes a thrilling turn when all hell breaks loose, changing the story from a light contemporary to a mystery/thriller that readers of any genre can enjoy!


Margaret Faria