Absolute Intolerance (Brent Marks #6)


Brent Marks became a lawyer to fight for civil rights and against injustice. However, when his gay clients are horrifically murdered in their homes and their deaths are just  the first on a serial killer’s list, Brent is torn between defending the main suspect and tracking down the true serial killer. When ethics and truth refuse to play fair, Brent has to decide what he’s willing to risk to make a true defense.


A controversial thriller, "Absolute Intolerance" is a truly suspenseful read in which the truth is not always what it appears to be. Brent Marks is a good guy caught between wanting to bring the killer to justice and seeing beyond the obvious. The story highlights some of the flaws in our legal society while keeping the mystery going and the reader guessing. While the romance is minimal and a sideline to the suspense, Brent is rounded and the believable; making the reader want to root for him. Although the focus on gays and religion as counterpoints may not appeal to everyone, the premise of the story holds true and makes this a fantastic to-read for any lover of legal thrillers.


Sarah E. Bradley