Absolute Doubt


Bomb expert Asher Daklin has made it his life’s goal to rid the world of the deadly explosive that killed his younger brother. To do this, however, requires him going deep undercover in the world’s most notorious terrorist organization. River Sullivan has not heard from her genius brother in too long and with a mysterious deposit of millions of dollars in her bank account, she is afraid something terrible is going on. After traveling to the jungles of Cosio where his employer allows her to stay, she is determined to find out what has happened. It is soon apparent, however, that there is something very dangerous under-foot. With the determined woman to keep safe, Asher realizes they must work together against impossible odds and, given the choice, his life will be worth it if her life is saved. 

If in the mood for a wild ride, this book is assuredly the one to choose! The action is intense and to a nail-biting extreme as the author builds a very believable plot then takes the reader on more twists and turns than a roller-coaster. One never knows just what the outcome will be! The relationship aspect was hard to buy into, as there was very little depth given and seemed to be built on immediate lust only. Even Asher’s declaration was given after nothing more than a quick bit of sex. The ending was also rushed, with no real understanding behind the actions. Still, for non-stop action packed adrenaline, readers won’t find much better! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter