The Abel Conspiracy

Gary D.
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Dan and Maria Abel believe in miracles, and after accepting they were more than likely unable to have children, their miracle was born. Franklin was the marvel of all miracles, not only because of his birth but because of his gift.  He is the only person in the world who could use 100% of his brain.  
Franklin is the most intelligent human being in the universe, and he soon develops computer software that makes him worth trillions of dollars. Along the way, however, he garners the attention of a nefarious, secret society who want the journal that houses all of his advanced ideas, some that would destroy everyday society if implemented. The “Watch Society” slowly begins to destroy Franklin’s will, relationships, the strong love of his country, and will do anything necessary to retrieve Franklin’s journal.
The Abel Conspiracy is a powerfully fascinating concept and plot. However, the story has a tendency to get lost while flitting back and forth between the conspiracy, and Franklin’s inventions. There is so much going on in this novel that it doesn’t flow well, and the characters lose their emotional depth in the process. However, the reader does learn about the Founding Fathers, their past accomplishments, and their memorials in a very intriguing and interesting way.  This is the saving grace of the story!
Tonya Smalley