Abducting Casey


Turn off the TV and tune into this thriller with two hot couples for the price of one! 

Casey Gillette is kidnapped by terrorists for use as a bargaining chip in exchange for information.  Casey’s sixth sense tells her one of her captors is her best option for survival.  Matt Sash (Rock) has been buried in the terrorist cell for two years, and he’s about to bring the bad guys down when Casey is thrust into the formula. If he lets his attraction to her distract his focus, Chicago could be in deep doo-doo. He has to maintain his cover, but it’s a hard sell with the vulnerable beauty under his protection.  

Jacob is Matt’s partner. He is working on the outside to rally the takedown when the terrorist leader reveals himself and, no surprise, chemicals for a weapon. Jacob has a hot craving for TJ, a woman he’s been working with who is hiding a secret agenda. 

The plot of "Abducting Casey" is not new. The storyline swings between all four characters, with the likable secondary characters almost stealing the show.  There isn’t a lot of depth to the tale. Readers may not fancy Casey giggling and constantly stomping her foot like a child when she gets miffed. Even so, there’s plenty of sweaty, page turning interaction between both couples. With an explosive ending, brawny, brooding hot cops with a sense of justice, and one Navy SEAL thrown in for good measure, a reader can put their money on this fast-paced story!

Natasza Waters