Recent Reviews

Scent of the Soul

In Scotland of the twelfth century, Somerled the Mighty dominates most of the west, working hard to expand his territory and making alliances. He’s a powerful warrior; a strong and determined man, and the last thing he needs right now is to fall for a slave girl.

Kevin Boy to Man

COMEDY:  Kevin is trapped under his mother’s emotional control and he’s desperate to break free. So far, he’s lived a solitary life, but now he struggles with sexual desires and his desire to find a girlfriend. But those desires remain unfulfilled and he grows even more frustrated.

SWORD AND SORCERY:  Book Two of this series continues with Eric Watley’s (or rather his Avatar’s) quest to increase his knowledge of mage craft and power in the alternate world of Tariatla.

Icy Passage

SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  Two microbiologists in the icy southern regions of the globe have been babysitting two mysteriously mutated colonies of archaea, the earth’s oldest living organism. When one colony begins attacking members of Base McMurdo, Antarctica, Dr.

It’s been 17 years since Nathan Henson returned from Vietnam, and he is still haunted by the atrocities he witnessed and had to participate in. He joins a support group where he meets other ex-military just like him.