Recent Reviews

Lord Somerton’s Heir

REGENCY:  “Lord Somerton’s Heir” opens in England right after the Battle of Waterloo. Isabel discovers her husband, Viscount Somerton, is dead as a result of a misjudged hedge jump when his horse comes home alone. As a childless widow, she is determined to find her late husband’s heir.

The Riding Master

“The Riding Master” opens in contemporary America where the affluent own expensive horses and take riding lessons. After a painful divorce from her influential husband Rayne needs to discover her way, and she hopes to find some solace at the stable, teaching children to ride. The last thing she wants in her life is a man.

Highland Deception

Scotland, 1725

FANTASY:  Redlynn of Volkzene is a were hunter. When wolves kidnap a dozen young girls from her village, she’s beyond ready to hunt down the elusive King of The Wolves, kill him and rescue everyone.

SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Battles, life, death, love and friendship have shaped Semara in a way the Queen could have never foreseen. Now, the time has come for the final battle – will the Triune be able to free everyone, as was foretold? Will they survive the attacks, betrayals, and most of all – each other?