The Suffragette Scandal


Miss Frederica “Free” Marshall is not like other young women.  She doesn’t make polite social visits drinking tea or attend debutante balls searching for a husband.  Frederica runs a newspaper; most assuredly NOT accepted or desired within the framework of polite society, especially when its suffragette leanings threaten to upend that society.  Some feel it is time to silence her once and for all.


Edward Clark is supposed to be dead, while the brother who abandoned him is set to inherit everything. So when Edward hears of a diabolical plot instigated by that brother against the beautiful young newspaper publisher, he sees the perfect revenge.  Unfortunately he didn’t consider that the woman he would help might be the ultimate downfall of everything he has planned.


How does one explain writing perfection?  Whether a reader likes the subject matter, the characters or even the time period, one cannot deny the near-perfect writing ability that inhabits Ms. Milan’s story.  Free’s character is a strong, confident woman in an un-accepting era. Edward is lost and broken. Both play off each other with delectable precision.  They are real and believable, as is the plot that rivets them. Honestly, the secondary romance is the only (small) glitch.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with the progression of the story, making it feel out of place.  Even so, the sheer beauty of the reading experience is more than enough to give this one an enthusiastic Huzzah!


Ruth Lynn Ritter