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PARANORMAL/HORROR:  In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a virus, Blackwater is one of the last colonies remaining on earth. When residents start dying, the survivors blame the Night Walkers for breaking their treaty.

Free Leaf Concepts in Little Rock, Arkansas, has offered Kay Bing a top management position. She is a talented designer and this job will certainly boost her career. She accepts and quickly learns the dynamics of the team members she’s to work with. Her assistant, Oliver, is handsome, in a distracting way, but she has a job to do.

Caught Between Two Worlds

Finally, Veronica is on a plane that will take her to Egypt. She's been looking forward to this trip — unfortunately, Peter, her boyfriend of five years, is much less excited to see the sand, the Red Sea and feel the heat of the desert. Peter’s attitude is not going to ruin her trip, so she makes plans for a sunset horseback ride alone.

Kate is dealing with an abusive husband who constantly berates her, so when he dies in a house fire she feels mostly relieved. A year and a half later, she is ready to date again and signs up with a professional matchmaking company. In a twist of fate, her first date ends up being the fireman who informed her she was a widow that fateful night.

Lady Jane Blackmore is usually  a disaster on the social scene, and after her newest catastrophe (spilling the punch bowl on herself), she has hidden behind the ferns to avoid discovery by her hateful stepmother. The Duke of Greystone, a man with a reputation of having killed his own father, engages her in conversation and refuses to leave after she warns him he must.