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Keeper of My Dreams
Susan Leigh

Widow Leena Cullane Adair is in town for the first time when a gaggle of geese interferes with her crossing the street, making her fall. Across the street, the gunsmith sees and rescues her. He carries her to the mercer’s shop. She learns his name is Reid Halliburton, a widower with three boys. Over a few days’ time, they begin to fall in love.

Preston Thorne is dead and actively pursuing Selene Barringer in the Otherworld when the Goddess Isis appears to tell him of a mission she has for the two of them. Evil has infected the Otherworld and no one knows exactly how, but the goddess knows that Preston and his family and friends will be able to rid them of said evil.

Daring the Duke

Ballrooms are the perfect place for debutantes to find a proper match to marry, and although Tabitha and her friends are not fond of them, they have their own way to put up with all of that: taking dares and Tabitha’s perfect memory.


Sage Hawke is not like her sisters. For her family, the most important thing is knowing how to handle a sword properly, yet Sage has another passion: books. She had always wanted to read, but she could only understand short words, so when her little sister hands her a small black-leather book, she takes it to the only person she knows who could help her, Brother Nicholas.

WESTERN: Clara Walker only wanted a divorce but what she got was a dead husband and the threat of a noose around her neck. Mary Rose Culver wanted her husband dead so she could collect the inheritance but what she got was a messy murder and a hysterical accomplice.