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The Tenderest of Strings

Reuben and Ardith Rosenfeld move from Chicago to the small town of Welton, Colorado, hoping the change of scenery will be the change of pace their family needs. Reuben, a former copyeditor at the Chicago Tribune purchases the local paper, while Ardith stays home and attempts to fix up their fixer-upper and manage their troubled teenager, Harry, and amiable younger son, Jamie.

Orlena Worth needs to get out of town fast. When her great-Uncle Ambrose witnesses the murder of family friends, Orlena and Ambrose must flee with their friend’s child before the killers can find him. Taking the place of another dear friend, Orlena heads off to Montana Territory to be a mail order bride. She isn’t sure what she’ll do if the intended groom refuses to accept her.

FANTASY: Following her abduction, Tamika Little has nightmares. Soon she develops the skill of psychometry, inadvertently seeing the horrible pasts of people she touches. Her (almost) step-sister Serena and Serena’s boyfriend, Luis, are there to protect and guide her, bringing her to Morgana, their magical advisor of sorts.

The Almost Queen

FANTASY: As children, Ellara, a witch, saves Tarran from a dragon. But in a world where witches are outcasts, their lives carry them in very different directions. In a war-torn world which has seen king after king torn from the throne, Ellara fights for the freedom of her people and Tarran for his family’s right to rule.

When Lady Octavia Shelford and her mother arrive in France to visit long-time family friend Guy Claybury, the Duke of Woodford as well as the British ambassador in Paris, tensions are high. Behaviors that were acceptable when Octavia was a child are no longer proper for a lady of her age and station in 1858. But can the pair overcome the habit of years of friendship?