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NEW ADULT:  Sedona Miller grew up in a collective with her mother and a few other families. She was home schooled and able to finish high school at the age of sixteen. Her mother would not allow her to begin college until she was eighteen, so she continued with her education online and entered university as a senior.

Michael is part of the Elite Security team that protects the dragons of New York. He is taken prisoner and is chained standing to a wall in a damp concrete cell. There for a few days already, in pain and in need of water, suddenly the doors open and a bundle is tossed in at his feet.

There has been a murder in Goleta, CA and most of the neighbors and residents within the Orange Grove town home complex are suspects. Barbara Densmore was the HOA (home owners association) president and loved to hand out violations where ever she saw fit.

FANTASY:  “Bloodline” is the beginning of Lands of Ayrenia Chronicles: The Bloodline Saga, about a young girl named Braelyn who has a destiny to save the world of Ayrenia, and to bring magic back into the land.  Three hundred years ago, her ancestor cast a spell that took all the magic away,

WESTERN:  Lucas, an orphan who carries a brutal burn on his side, was taken in and raised as a son at the Sullivan mansion, calling Callie and Marnie his sisters. However, his feelings for Callie have turned anything but sisterly.