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Christmas Forevermore (A Christmas Romance Collection)
Sally Britton, Sarah M. Eden, Ashtyn Newbold, Karen Thornell

ANTHOLOGY: “A Family Christmas” - Cyril Grant and sister Elizabeth have not spent time with relatives in years. Elizabeth finds it easy to fit in with female relatives finding many commonalities. Cyril feels like an outsider. Jane is his grandmother’s paid companion. She strikes up a friendship with Cyril.

Best friends and partners in crime, young Iris Abberton and Hamish Dalton get into everything together. A carriage accident changes that; crippling Hamish’s father, the Earl, and killing his brother and mother. Hamish and his father repair to the country so Hamish can be schooled in the responsibilities of an Earl.

Love Unseen
Rachel Kelley Stones

Jonathan Carter asks Hannah Hadley to dance. She kindly turns him down. Jonathan is incensed, and Hannah wonders if she should have revealed to him her unseen handicap. Later, Mrs. Hadley tries to steer the very handsome and newly wealthy Jonathan towards her younger daughter, Julia.

Charlotte’s War
J. Lawrence Graham

Dr. Charlotte Fletcher Shipwright is at war with the powers that make war. She has experienced the horror of war several times. First with her brother, then her husband, her boyfriend, and now her firstborn son has been drafted.

While trying to recuperate from an emergency appendectomy, Sheriff Elizabeth Benoit is beyond dismayed when one of her deputies, Lila Dayne, finds a murdered girl in the woods… everything about the case seeming identical to an unsolved case from 25 years ago – when the sheriff’s best friend was killed. Elizabeth refuses to stay out of the case once she learns of the similarities.