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REGENCY:  Katrina Needham is a saucy young lady in a time when ladies are meant to be seen, rather than heard. Keeping her tongue is not a skill she is very good at.

Francesca di Cammarata, spoiled niece of King Ruggero of Italy, finds herself trapped in the middle of a war zone. The Imperial Army has reached the walls of Termoli and will soon take control of the port city, thanks to the weak willed William of Loritello. Francesca finds herself a prisoner multiple times over, but deems to prove her loyalty, risks be damned.

Not only is musician Jack Norris haunted by guilt over his best friend and band mate's death in a drunk-driving accident, but he is literally haunted by his friend's decaying ghost.  Talk about a double g

Roller Derby. Manuscript mayhem. Duo of suitors.

Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones who harm us the most