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In Terra, Alora can lift things and people, a feat that no one else is able to do. To her, this is just something she knows how to do without any training. When Alora lifts, she is in peril, because of a prophecy that a woman who lifts is a warden and will destroy Terra. On earth, Alora is known as Alice, and dreams daily of Terra. Alora tells her dreams to Jesse, her brother.

Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel “Gabe” Smith hears the stunning news his cousin has died leaving no heirs, so he is now Earl Farnworth. Gabe must go to Lancashire in order to claim the earldom, so leaves his military life behind. Emma Crompton, formerly the Countess of Farnworth, along with her daughter, must move out of Thicketford Manor, but instead, they move to the attic.

LGBTQ: Johnathan “John” Newman is tasked with finding and destroying the vampire hiding out in Cress Haven. Johnathan is taken there by his mentor with no weapons to eliminate the fiend. While in town, Johnathan is robbed and meets Victor “Vic” who offers to help him. Suddenly John hears a scream and sees a girl brutally murdered.

Blood Mug

Kevin Densmore, a businessman and Wickham Art Center board chair, wants to meet with private detective Red Farlow regarding a recent murder. Red arrives at the Wickham mansion’s pottery studio only to find Densmore dead. Bodies begin to pile up, and Red discovers medieval daggers are the murder weapon of choice, not only for Densmore, but also for the others.

The Killer in Me

Newly elected Sheriff Elizabeth “Ellie” Benoit is determined to clean up Eckardt County’s corruption. With most of the ousted sheriff’s deputies gone, Elizabeth needs help. Enter Lila Dayne from Chicago PD, a private person with a resume too impressive for a small county deputy. Lila’s investigative skills are needed immediately to process Elizabeth’s first homicide as Sheriff.