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Gracie Desoto had only her business on her mind.  During a visit to her former place of employment, a nursery, Gracie saves their newest employee, Ethan McCarthy.  Their sheer dislike for each other is obvious to all.  However, repeated exposure to one another spurs numerous thorny encount

A Question of Time

ALTERNATE HISTORY:  Rassmussen is back from his imprisonment in the tunnel between the worlds and revenge is a dish best served cold.  Nathan Llewellyn knows that this means only danger for himself and his wife Caroline as they were the ones who imprisoned him there.  However, it seems that Rassmus

Rubina Leone St. John has returned from the dead just in time for the wedding of her husband Noah St. John, Duke of Huntly, to another woman. She must keep the secret of her mysterious disappearance from the one man she loves above others, or lose him at the hands of a madman.

Tanner Lyons doesn’t need anyone.  Ten years ago he broke all ties with his shape shifter pack leader and father, Quentin Lyons, for very good reasons.  Quentin’s overwhelming obsession with an extinct race of magical beings called Lightbearers, combined with his abusive behavior, was more than Tan

When Becca moved from Graysville, Tennessee to New York, she promised herself that she would forget her hometown and her past - especially Jonah.  She hasn’t set foot in Graysville for ten years but now the imminent death of her beloved Uncle Charles forces her back home, despite her misgiv