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TIME TRAVEL:  Sarah Yates just wants to have a normal, beautiful wedding day. Unfortunately when you are a time-traveler or a “stitch”, as it were, nothing is ever straight forward or easy.

Sibilla Pennington refuses to marry just anyone.  Schooled by her recently departed father to have an outspoken opinion on political matters, entirely unheard of in her time, she has become quite picky.

STEAMPUNK:  Time traveler Sofia Windsor, Princess of York, is bound by duty.  She has to prevent a timeline being changed, if not totally eliminated.  Jax Ruston is relieved to return to his own time of 1855 and he’s pledged himself to help Sofia.  Racing across Europe they struggle with t

WESTERN:  Lucas Kline was dedicated to shaping the justice system in the Wyoming Territory.  He was successful and settled in his ways until Lena Shuler stumbled into his office.  Lena, returning home, now has a son to protect.  A bittersweet homecoming to immigrant parents, she’s determin

Four lives impacted by one mission… save the brumbies.