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The Reliant
Dr. Patrick

CHRISTIAN:  In a small town in Ohio, chaos reigns; the economy has collapsed and the town has erupted in looting, rioting, and murder. The children of Dr. and Mrs.

Bridget Perkins and her sisters are pariahs in their small town in 19th

Canaan’s Land
Lee Ann Sontheimer

Canaan “Cane” Moss is a simple man working the Missouri farm passed down to him through generations.  Alone for some time, he’s got his eye on Kaitlin Koch, the new reporter in town.

Jared Pierce is from Louisiana, so it’s no surprise that driving in Illinois sleet has him sliding off the highway.  He’s in Illinois to flip his deceased great-aunt’s home but winds up recovering there instead.  He’s also there to banish any ghosts that might be haunting the place.

Colin McCool is a druid for hire. Charged by the local Austin vampire coven to rid the city of a pack of rogue ghouls, he is working to tidy up the infestation at the cemetery.